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To Whom it may Concern:

My wife and I contacted a Robert Damiano who seems to operate at least 6 businesses from the same location. He told us that he has housing for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), both me and my wife have been diagnosed with this. What happened to us is below after his address and business names.

Robert Damiano

5685 S. Hwy. A1A

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951



South Beach Island Resort

People and Planet Friendly Living (PPFL).

Pride & Joy Environmental Resort

Pride and Joy Condos North

Pride and Joy Environmental Resort Melbourne Beach

It appears he is renting out rooms without a license to do so and not paying taxes so he seems to be operating things in a shady way.

We gave him our card information to do a pre-authorization and instead of refunding the money on the second transaction he took two payments of $2150.

My wife never noticed this and thought the two transactions was as he told us on the phone - one withdrawal and one refund. We have done this type of pre-authorization in the past with other hotels and never had a problem with funds being taken.

When decided not to stay as the rooms were not as he explained over the phone or advertised in toxic times a MCS monthly news letter. Robert then made us aware he had already charged our bank account and would not refund us. The next day we verified this with the bank and started proceedings for the moneys return.

He is now using emails we never received and unsigned contracts as proof that he should be able to keep the $4300.00. He has ignored us by telling us not to contact him but instead contact his lawyer who never gets back to us or answers the many messages we have left.

My concern, other then getting the money back, is the several companies he used for the same location and transactions.

We never received a receipt of any kind.

He could very well say he refunded it when he didn't or not even claim it as income in the first place.

He could also just leave this transaction in limbo but spend the money without paying taxes.

And although I have not seen it myself, my understanding from talking to others is that this is not the first time he has done this to MCS sufferers.

Why: He is targeting sick people through NCS related websites and newsletters and taking advantage of them. Most MCS sufferers lack the mental and physical ability to go through filing complaints.

Review about: All Properties.


Melbourne, Florida, United States #637180

Damiano is a crook, plain and simple.All that he does is steal people's money under the guise of having MCS.

He does not have this affliction and lies about everything that he does.

Do not stay at any of his establishments, you will lose your money.He is a liar and a crook.

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